Titles: The Auric Monarch

Domains: Greed

Symbol: A golden chalice overflowing with coins and jewels.

Alignment: NE

Power Rating: Lesser

Realms: Unknown

A vision of opulence and grandeur, she dons lavish golden robes and a crown studded with precious gems. Her eyes gleam like golden coins, radiating both allure and menace. Said to possess the power to transform enemies and doubters into golden statues, she is a figure both worshipped and feared.

Her origin is steeped in mystery; some say she was a mortal queen who ascended to divinity through the sheer magnitude of her wealth. Others suspect that she is a construct of various religious organizations, designed to encourage donations and offerings. Nonetheless, her power is real, and the greedy whisper her name when they hoard their treasures.

A motley assembly of the avaricious: merchants, treasure hunters, corrupt officials, and anyone who aspires to material wealth worship her. Her temples are more akin to opulent vaults than places of worship, filled with golden statues that are either tributes or unfortunate souls who incurred her wrath.