Titles: Daughter of All

Domains: Innocence

Symbol: A small hand clasped within a larger hand, surrounded by a circle of stars.

Alignment: LG

Power Rating: Quasi-diety

Realms: Oerth

Alice appears as a perpetually young girl, around 9 years of age, with eyes full of wisdom that betray her youthful appearance. She carries an aura of purity, her eyes always watching over children, guiding and protecting them from the myriad dangers that the world poses.

In a time long forgotten, a great calamity struck the mortal world. Children went missing, families were torn apart, and a heavy cloud of despair loomed over the land. It was during this dark period that the collective hopes, fears, and prayers of every parent coalesced into a singular plea for help, sent out into the cosmos like a desperate cry.

Answering that call, Alice, Daughter of All, was born. She materialized in a heavenly realm that mirrored the innocent dreams and joys of childhood—an eternal playground of endless fields, flowing rivers of honey, and skies painted with the hues of countless sunsets. This realm came to be known as "Aetherchild," a sanctuary between worlds where lost or deceased children would find themselves.

In Aetherchild, children discover a place of eternal joy, where the worries and threats of the mortal world are but a distant memory. They are free to play, explore, and most importantly, be children—something many were robbed of in their mortal lives. Alice serves as their eternal guardian, her loving gaze always upon them, ensuring they experience the solace and happiness they couldn't find in the mortal realm.

It is said that Alice possesses the ability to peer into the "River of Time," a metaphysical construct where she can see the many branching paths of each child's life. She uses this wisdom to intervene subtly in the mortal world, guiding children away from danger and sometimes leading them back to their families. Though she cannot be everywhere at once, her influence is widespread, a comforting, unseen hand that protects children when they most need it.

Over time, Alice's realm has also become a space for children to heal and understand the concept of moving on to what lies beyond death. With her guidance, they embark on a journey of self-discovery and understanding, preparing their innocent souls for the next step in existence—whether that's reunion with loved ones, reincarnation, or another form of spiritual evolution.

And so, Alice, Daughter of All, continues to serve as a beacon of hope and protection, fulfilling her destiny born from the collective wishes of every parent's heart—a loving guardian for all children, in both life and beyond.