Consumable and Utility Items

Items with a ℂ symbol are possibly cursed, but not always. Cursed effects are hidden until activated.

Cursed determination may be based on narrative situations, or the standard method is the DM rolling to determine based on rarity. To be cursed, the highest result must be rolled on the corresponding die. Common: d20, Uncommon: d12, Rare: d8, Very Rare: d6, Legendary: d4, and Artifact: d2

Abragor's Compass


This simple compass is made of Yuirwood and has a mithril needle. It is enchanted in such a way that if an individual spends a short rest focusing their mind on a place they have been previously the compass will no longer point north but instead point in the direction of the envisioned place, as long as the place in question exists and resides on the same plane as the compass.

All Band's Lute


This lute is gilded with flowing colors that change depending on the song being played, and it alters itself subtly to the mood of the performer. While playing on this lute the performer can will up to five other phantom instruments to be playing in accompaniment. The sounds of these instruments has no physical source and always emanate from directly behind the performer. The instruments follow the lute’s song to the best of the ability of the performer themself, so the better or worse the performer plays the lute, the better or worse the instruments play.

All-or-Nothing Coin


On a roll you would normally use a d20, flip a coin instead (d2). Heads (2) is a critical success (NAT20), tails (1) is a critical fail (NAT1). Can be used twice per short rest.

Bag of Wondrous Randomization

Very Rare

This bag is an extremely flamboyant violet color, with a golden question mark on one side and feels as if it is made with the finest silk. The bag weighs 5 pounds.

If another object (or the same one) is placed in the bag a third time within a tenday of the second attempt, the bag devours the object, sending into a void disappearing from existence and the bag cannot again be used for a tenday.  Any additional attempts to store an object in the bag results in this again, resetting the countdown back to another tenday before its next use.

Once per day, as an action, someone can reach into the bag and remove something from it (roll 1d100 and use the table below to determine what is removed from the bag).  Anything removed from the bag is permanent to the plane, it will not disappear after a time limit -- it is just like any other item or creature on the plane.  See the Monsters Listing for the creature's statistics.  

A creature removed is prone and immediately hostile (as it is scared and confused), but may potentially be persuaded to be friendly (depending on the creature).  D100 list provided on DnD Beyond.

Banker Bag


Place up to 500gp in your bag. You may then pull out (or pour out) the equivalent change in any denomination you choose (copper, silver, electrum, gold, or platinum). Additionally, if you know the exact price of a gem you have, you may place the gem in the bag and pull out the equivalent amount of coins, up to 500gp.

You cannot create new gems, but within 24 hours of pulling a gem out as coins, you can revert it back by putting the correct amount of coins back in the bag.

Gems can only emerge at their exact value, and not their replacement value. Example: porter crystals are a substitute for gems up to a value of 25gp, but they themselves are only worth about 1gp.

Battle Harp of Valor

Very Rare

This enchanted harp was created by bards who sought to increase their effectiveness in combat. The harp is crafted from the finest woods and strung with silver wire. It produces a rich, full tone that can inspire bravery and determination in those who hear it.

Inspiring Music: When you play the Battle Harp of Valor, all allies within 30 feet gain temporary hit points equal to your bard level + your Charisma modifier (minimum of 1). This effect lasts for 1 minute or until the temporary hit points are depleted.

Enchanted Strings: The strings of the harp are enchanted to deal additional damage when used in combat. When wielding the Battle Harp of Valor as an instrument, you deal an additional 1d6 psychic damage targeted hostile creatures within 10 feet of yourself.

War Chant: As an action, you can play a powerful war chant on the Battle Harp of Valor. All allies within 30 feet gain advantage on attack rolls and saving throws until the end of their next turn.

Book of Misspells


This magical tome appears to contain several spell scrolls. Each scroll can be used once per day, and regenerates daily at dawn. In reality, the spells are inscribed wrong, and their effects vary wildly from the intended. When one of these scrolls are used the DM reveals the spell's true effect.

Message / Massage. The target receives a pleasant back rub.

Mage Armor / Mage Armoire. Summons a fancy wardrobe adjacent to the caster, containing three sets of clothes. Roll a 1d20 three times. On a result of 1, the clothes are common quality. On a result of 2-10, the clothes are traveler's quality. On a result of 11-15, the clothes are costume quality, on a result of 16-19, the clothes are fine quality. On a result of 20, the clothes are a magic set of robes, clothes or armor determined by the DM.

Hold Person / Fold Person. The target must succeed a Wisdom saving throw or be bent over backwards. On a failed save, the target takes 4d6 damage and is paralyzed for one round.

Speak With Dead / Speak With Dad. For one minute you can communicate telepathically with your father, regardless of whether they are dead or alive. 

Ice Storm / Ick Storm. Gross sludge rains down for one minute creating difficult terrain in a 20 foot radius.

Teleport / Telepoot. Creates a loud fart at the intended location.

Wish / Wash. A wet sponge cleans you vigorously for one minute.

Fireball / Friarball. Conjures and launches a clergyman at the target, dealing 8d6 bludgeoning damage on a failed Dexterity saving throw. The conjured friar is holding its knees and tumbles end over end while screaming religious platitudes during its flight, and lies still after hitting the target. It is a nonliving magical construct, and upon closer inspection, it appears to be made of painted wood and dyed cloth.

Magic Missile/ Magic Rissole. Instead of missiles of force, shoots three delicious baked circular balls of minced meat or fish, enclosed in pastry or rolled in breadcrumbs. 

Box of Fey Chocolate


Inside this heart-shaped box are eight unusually shaped chocolates. Each chocolate is beautifully crafted, with unique and delicate designs that evoke imagery of the Feywild. The box weighs 1/2 pound plus 1/8 pound for each chocolate it contains.

You can use an action to remove a chocolate from the box and eat it. The chocolate begins to magically melt as soon as it is removed from its heart-shaped container, and its magic is lost if uneaten by the end of your turn. Roll a d8 and consult the following table to determine which chocolate you eat, and its corresponding effect.

As part of the action to remove a chocolate from the box, you can choose to make a DC 17 Intelligence (Investigation) check to attempt to identify the chocolate before it is eaten. On a success, you can roll twice on the table and choose which roll to use. On a failure, roll twice on the table, and your DM chooses which roll to use. D8 table available in DnD Beyond.

Broadhead Arrow


Deals Slashing Damage instead of Bludgeoning. If a creature scores an attack Roll that is 5+ higher than his AC then the wound is serious, you have 1 round until the bleeding stages come into effect. Blood starts coming out of the wound, causing blood loss and dizziness, Movement speed is reduced by 5' and must roll 1D4 damage. Damage Lasts 3 rounds or until healed.

Proficiency with a javelin allows you to add your proficiency bonus to the attack roll for any attack you make with it.

Cupcake of Gaseous Form ℂ 


When you eat this cupcake, you gain the effect of the gaseous form spell for 1 hour (no concentration required) or until you end the effect as a bonus action. This cupcake seems to be vanilla with a black smoke for frosting. 

Displacement Stone ℂ 


Slamming onto the ground, this rock will teleport you up to 50 feet in any direction and is fully random. Roll 2 d100s.

1st d100. If >50, you move to the left, if <50, you move to the right. If 50, you stay in the same spot. Example: If 63, subtract 50 from 63. 13. You will move 13 feet to the left (rounded up to 15 on a battle map).

2nd d100. If >50, you move forward, if <50, you move backward. If 50, you stay in the same spot. Example: If 32, subtract 32 from 50. 18. You will move 18 feet backward (rounded up to 20 on a battle map).

Using as an action prevents opportunity attacks against yourself. The rock teleports with you and reappears in your hand. Has a cool down of 30 seconds and can be used 3 times a day.

Egg Carton of Water Breathing


An egg carton of 6 eggs. When an egg is ate, in whole, you gain the effect of the Water Breathing potion. You can breathe underwater for 1 hour after eating an egg.

Flask of Perpetual Booze


This detailed, platinum flask is enchanted to contain a magical source of fairly strong alcohol. When opened and poured, this flask produces up to 1 gallon of dark, brackish whiskey. Once emptied, the flask refills in 1 hour.

Any whiskey poured from this flask that isn’t consumed within 8 hours turns into brine.

Grapple Arrow


Hooked - When you make a successful attack using this arrow it lodges into your target and grabs into it with metal hooks dealing an extra 1d4 damage.

Ropeshot - You can attach up to 90 feet of rope to this arrow without affecting the shot. If you successfully attack a small, medium, large or huge creature with this arrow it has to make a Strength (Athletics) check against your Strength (Athletics). On a failure it is considered grappled.

You can choose to climb the rope. If the arrow holds your weight, the Strength athletics) DC for the climb and any disadvantage are at the DM's discretion

Lapel Pun


A small lapel pin of a sunflower. It has 3 charges. When all charges are expended, the pin breaks.

While wearing the pin, you can expend 1 charge as an action to cast the charm person spell (save DC 16) on a humanoid within 30 feet of you, provided that you and the target can see each other. If you make a pun while casting the sunflower the DC is lowered to 11. If the pun is eggsalent, you roll with advantage. 

Lens of Truth


The glass itself is of the purest, clearest crystal, so flawless that it almost seems to be made of ice. The handle is crafted from a dark, exotic wood, carved with intricate symbols that hint at its arcane origins. When held up to the light, the glass refracts the rays in a mesmerizing pattern, almost as if it is drawing energy from the sun. The lens seems to magnify not only the image but also the significance of the object it is focused on, revealing secrets and hidden details that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Those who have held it claim that it imbues them with a sense of clarity and insight, as if the glass itself holds a profound, magical wisdom.

This magnifying glass has 4 charges that reset each day.

When using this magnifying glass and making investigation checks within 5 feet, you may expend 1 charge to gain advantage.

You may peer through the lens and see someone as their true alignment. You can determine with full accuracy their alignment within 20 feet. You can determine one aspect about their alignment from up to 40 feet. Alignment does not dictate actions, but can provide insight into motive. Alignment can change over time.DM tip, playing to someone's alignment may be beneficial for persuasion/deception and may have RP benefits.

When using this magnifying glass and making investigation checks within 5 feet, you may expend 2 charges to see if a school of magic has recently been used on what you're investigating, and which school of magic was used.

Pearl Needle and Pearl Scissors (Set)


Pearl Needle

Glimmering with a shinning pearlescent glow, this needle seems to posses a magical repairing property. The thread seems to be ethereal and intangible.

The needle may be used to repair ethereally damage to physical spaces or objects. This seems to be one part of a paired item.

Pearl Needle

Glimmering with a shinning pearlescent glow, this pair of scissors seems to posses a magical cutting property. The scissors seem to be able to find fold and weak points in an ethereal plane and can create an opening by finding the right spot and cutting. 

The scissors may be slowly waved in the air to find these tears and cut open the plane of existence. This seems to be one part of a paired item.

Potion of Intangibility


For 1 minute after you drink this potion, you become intangible. You are able to move through space freely and through objects. You may move in any direction and are not hindered by gravity. To cross through a magical barrier, take 3d4+4 force damage but you are able to pass through. Your movement speed is reduced to your swimming speed as the movement through the intangible plane is similar. Swimming speed, unless otherwise specified, is half your movement speed.

Others can still see you but cannot touch or affect you. You lose all actions except for movement and mind based skill checks (perception, investigation, etc.). You are invulnerable to all types of tangible attacks. You are still susceptible to attacks based on sight, mind, and hearing and any other attack that is not physical.

When the 1 minute is up, if you are occupying the same space as a physical object/creature, you and the object/creature both take 3d8+10 force damage. The potion's oily liquid looks like a liquefied galaxy. 

Wand of Fireball


This wand has 3 charges. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 charge. 

While using the identify spell, you learn: "This is a Wand of Fireball. It has 3 charges. The word fifth comes to mind."

The wand regains all expended charges daily at dawn. If you expend the wand's last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the wand crumbles into ashes and is destroyed.