Warning and Licensing

WARNING: Custom classes are not permitted in D&D beyond due to licensing issues. So, the only way to have a NEW class is to make it ourselves, including the character sheet. This means we need to go through entire class sheet and fill in each field, including doing all the calculations by hand. It takes a lot so this is not something for the faint of heart. To play one of these, we would need work together to make it work.

Licensing details: Classes are far more intense than subclasses and there is no realistic way for my skill level to produce my own. I have instead opted to purchase some from different locations. These are only available for our table, per the licensing, and should not be downloaded or distributed otherwise. See documents for their individual licensing information and credits.

Alterations: I of course cannot change the documents in anyway, but for the lore of the game we may use different names for gods, locations, etc. If it comes up, we will discuss.

Volo and Elminster alike have waxed philosophical about the ties between magic and expense; the famed lorekeepers giving their own thoughts on the debate between substances being innately magical or whether the preciousness of a thing gives it magical properties, akin to faith giving a deity their power. Merchants gain their magic through the art of the deal and the essence of value itself. This magic may have been influenced by some force such as the divine powers of a god of commerce, greed, luck, or wealth, or the intrinsic nature of trade, chance, and chaos.

Whatever side of the debate you sit on, there is an undeniable power behind economics and value. What good is revivify without that previous diamond? Commerce itself has come to be revered as having some sort of innate, supernatural quality responsible for successful, happy lives. The gods of commerce garnered worship, Waukeen being the most widely worshiped of these gods in the Forgotten Realms. In some urban areas, worship of gods presiding in the domain of fertility and nature have been abandoned due to them feeling unnecessary when trade will provide.