Daeduff Blackonyx

Duffy after traveling with the Betas for a while and becoming much stronger while taking on dark artifacts.

Duffy when he first began his travels with the Betas.

An artistic representation of one of the versions Duffy formed of himself to ensure safe passage through unfamiliar cities.

Deaduff Morgrog Blackonyx, affectionately known as Duffy, was born into the secretive deep gnome society of Halphmorn Ridge, nestled in the Underdark country of Porcoin. He entered the world as the runt and youngest of a litter of five, born into a family that held a notorious reputation throughout underdark societies as an esteemed lineage of assassins and spies. The Blackonyx family name resonated far and wide, evoking fear and respect in equal measure.

However, Duffy's physical appearance and fragile constitution cast doubt upon his potential from an early age. Standing a mere two feet tall, he seemed ill-suited for the family business, lacking the natural dexterity and stealth that his siblings effortlessly possessed. Despite his family's doubts and his father's disappointment, Duffy harbored an innate passion for books and a thirst for knowledge that went unrecognized and unappreciated within his clan.

One fateful day, Duffy awoke to find his home empty, devoid of any possessions or trace of his family. The young gnome was left to wonder whether they had abandoned him or met a grimmer fate. Forced into hiding, he embarked on a journey to find a new home and purpose for himself, guided by a longing for knowledge and a desire to prove his worth. Along his travels through Porcoin and the United Lakes of Fare, he heard rumors of a land called Rotania, where great power and knowledge could be attained.

Journeying through the treacherous Banishlands at the age of 26, Duffy stumbled upon a cavern steeped in shadows, darker and more foreboding than any he had encountered before. Seeking shelter within, he unwittingly absorbed the darkness, granting him an innate ability to turn invisible. From that moment, a deep connection to the shadows was forged, an ever-present companion that watched over him and fueled his pursuit of greater magical abilities and the secrets of the realms.

Duffy's path eventually led him to the port city of Azhaland, where he learned of Salem, a town renowned for its specialization in magic. Drawn to Salem's promise of arcane knowledge, he eagerly made his way there, hoping to gain admission to a school for magic users. Though he spent some time learning in the renowned institution of Oddberg, he grew disillusioned with the slow pace and unconventional methods of instruction, prompting his departure.

Returning to Azhaland, Duffy's insatiable hunger for knowledge and power led him to partake in the ceremony of gods. At the age of 36, he pledged himself to Initet, believing that the deity held the key to unlocking the wisdom he sought. However, the decision proved to be a grave mistake, as he found himself entangled in a decade-long struggle, forced to hide and evade capture in a failing country. It was during this tumultuous period that Duffy encountered Ketchy, forming a deep friendship and forging a bond based on shared experiences and a mutual thirst for self-discovery.

Finally, fate brought Duffy to the Betas, a group of adventurers whose destinies intertwined. Together, they embarked on a journey of discovery, facing untold dangers and uncovering the truths of Rotania. United with his newfound allies, Duffy's story continues to unfold, his indomitable spirit and relentless pursuit of knowledge driving him forward, as he seeks to unravel the mysteries of the realms and find his place in a world where he is no longer confined by the shadows of his past.